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The Helmholtz Association aims to use ground-breaking research to tackle the great questions of our time. Here, we present projects currently being carried out by scientists at the Helmholtz Centres. The examples range from fundamental questions concerning the origin of matter to health research and the development of high performance functional materials.

Computers and the energy factor

Rainer WaserInformation and communications technologies account for more than 10 percent of the total energy consumed by Germany – and this figure is increasing.

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Raw material for acoustic cloaking

Dip-In-Laserschreib-GerätA new class of materials has been produced by a research team led by ProfessorMartin Wegener at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

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Nanomagnet switches that assemble themselves

Svetlana KlyatskayaComputer hard drives store information in the form of magnetic structures.

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New nanomaterial changes from hard to soft

MaterialprobeAs a rule, high-strength materials are brittle and therefore prone to failure.

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In keeping with nature - self-healing materials

Andreas Wischnewski (l.) und Wim Pyckhout-HintzeMany of the wounds suffered by plants, animals and people heal by themselves.

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