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The Helmholtz Association aims to use ground-breaking research to tackle the great questions of our time. Here, we present projects currently being carried out by scientists at the Helmholtz Centres. The examples range from fundamental questions concerning the origin of matter to health research and the development of high performance functional materials.

A turbo booster for thin-film solar cells

Schmidt Sydney Turbo SolarzellenModern silicon solar cells have a maximum efficiency of about 25 percent and scientists worldwide are competing to find ways of further increasing this efficiency.

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Fluoride batteries: A promising concept for the future

Zusammenbau TestzelleLithium-ion batteries are currently the most powerful battery systems on the market, but their storage capacity cannot be increased much further.

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Electricity from waste heat

Arbeitsgruppe um Raphaël HermannAround 60 percent of the energy that a car engine generates from fuel is lost in the form of heat.

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Putting the last piece in place

Wendelstein 7-XInstallation work on the Wendelstein 7-X in Greifswald is in full swing and the apparatus can now be seen in its final form.

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Further improvements in solar thermal power

Solarturm JülichFor around 30 years, the DLR has been advancing the development of solar-thermal power plants and testing their feasibility in demonstration plants in Spain.

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When containers rust

HandschuhboxenHighly radioactive waste from nuclear reactors has to be isolated from the biosphere for thousands of years, but the steel and other materials used for this purpose cannot guarantee safe containment for such long periods of time.

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Improving CIS modules with ILGAR

Chalcopyrit-Dünnschicht-SolarzelleThin-film solar modules made from copper compounds require less material and energy in production, but they convert sunlight into electricity less efficiently than crystalline silicon cells.

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