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A flying stingray for 750 passengers

From research conducted at the German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Abbildung Nurflügler Simulation

Im Rahmen des EU-Projekts NACRE - New Aircraft Concepts Research – entstand diese Simulation eines Nurflüglers für 750 Passagiere und knapp 100 Meter Spannweite. Photo/Graphic: DLR/NACRE.Read more


Seit 1985 bringen DLR-Entwickler ihr Forschungsflugzeug ATTAS dazu, sich wie ganz andere Flugzeugkonstruktionen zu verhalten. So konnten sie auch das Verhalten eines riesigen Nurflügler-Jets quasi in der Praxis testen. Photo/Graphic: DLR.Read more

Foto Samenkorn

Natürliches Vorbild für Nurflügler-Jets: Der Flugsamen der südostasiatischen Kletterpflanze Zanonia macrocarpa wird aufgrund seiner Struktur vom Wind über weite Strecken getragen. Photo/Graphic: Wiki Commons, Scott Zona (CC by-nc-nd).Read more

Low noise, manoeuvrability and one-third the fuel consumption of conventional aircraft – these goals will be achieved by the future “flying wing” passenger jets that are currently being developed at the DLR.

Scientists envision an aircraft that is 65 metres long, almost 100 metres wide, will seat 750 and have the shape of a stingray. The team led by Dirk Leißling at the DLR Institute of Flight Systems in Braunschweig has tested the flight characteristics of a flying wing configuration designed on a computer. For this purpose they fed all the data relating to the flying wing into the control system of their ATTAS research aircraft. As Leißling puts it, “ATTAS is a true chameleon and performs in real flight exactly like this not-yetexistent aircraft.”

The test flight drew on all the pilot’s skills, since the flight behaviour of the programmed ATTAS deviated significantly from that of conventional aircraft – a success for this experiment, which elegantly combines reality and simulation and represents a significant step forward in flying wing research.

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