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Promoting Scientists on an International Level

Worldwide cooperation is the key to achieving outstanding scientific results and fostering innovation. For this reason, the Helmholtz Association uses funding from its Initiative and Networking Fund to specifically strengthen internationality. The focus here is on cooperation with China and Russia. In addition, the Helmholtz Association supports its research centres when applying for the coordinating and management role in EU research projects.

Helmholtz-CAS Joint Research Groups (HCJRG)
In 2012 China and Germany celebrate 40 years of diplomatic relations. Between the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and many Helmholtz Research Centres there has been very successful scientific cooperation since the end of 1970s. 

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Helmholtz-Russia Joint Research Groups (HRJRG)
The Helmholtz Association and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research will fund four Helmholtz-Russia Joint Research Groups every year. The idea is to give outstanding young Russian scientists career perspectives in Russia and consolidate the scientific partnership between the two countries.

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Helmholtz International Research Groups
his funding instrument is intended to strengthen scientific collaboration between Helmholtz Centres and research institutions abroad. Furthermore, they especially aim at giving young researchers the chance to increase their experience of international projects.

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Helmholtz International Fellow Award
For Excellent Researchers and Science Managers

Cooperation with the world’s best researchers is a key objective of the Helmholtz Association’s international activities. To this end, the organisation has established the Helmholtz International Fellow Award, which targets outstanding senior scientists and research managers based outside Germany who have excelled in fields relevant to the Helmholtz Association, including science management at large international research institutions.

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Effrosyni Chelioti

Director International Affairs (on secondment)

Helmholtz Association

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International Programmes

Helmholtz Association

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Dr Hong He

Head Beijing Office

Helmholtz Association

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Dr Elena Eremenko

Head Moscow Office

Helmholtz Association

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