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Helmholtz Graduate Schools – Working and Networking Across Disciplines

Graduierten Kurs in Oberursel, 2009. Bild: Henner Büsching

Helmholtz Graduate Schools provide a roof under which a varied number of curricula in different fields, or across disciplines, can find a home, depending on the size and nature of the research centre. Helmholtz Graduate Schools can incorporate several Helmholtz Research Schools.

Helmholtz Graduate Schools constitute a valuable addition to the wide range of training programmes available within the Helmholtz Association. They offer optimal conditions for PhD students to work and enable them to create a network of contacts with fellow university researchers while also fostering the integration of participants into the research environment.



Nina Löchte

Promotion of young
and early-stage researchers,
International Networking

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Christina Angersbach

Initiative and Networking Fund

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