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Mission of the Helmholtz Association

We contribute to solving grand challenges which face society, science and industry by performing top-rate research in strategic programmes in the fields of Aeronautics, Space and Transport, Earth and Environment, Energy, Health, Matter as well as Key Technologies.

We research systems of great complexity with our large-scale facilities and scientific infrastructure, cooperating closely with national and international partners.

We contribute to shaping our future by combining research and technology development with perspectives for innovative applications and provisions for tomorrow's world.

Our Profile

Antenne auf dem Gelände der DLR-Bodenstation in Weilheim. Bild: DLR

The Helmholtz Association performs cutting-edge research which contributes substantially to solving the grand challenges of science, society and industry. Scientists at Helmholtz concentrate on researching the highly-complex systems which determine human life and the environment. For example, ensuring that society remains mobile and has a reliable energy supply that future generations find an intact environment or that treatments are found for previously incurable diseases. The activities of the Helmholtz Association focus on securing the foundations of human life long-term and on creating the technological basis for a competitive economy. The potential with which the Association achieves these goals is made up of the outstanding scientists working at the research centres, a high-performance infrastructure and modern research management.

To succeed in meeting these responsibilities, the Helmholtz Association concentrates its work in six research fields: Energy, Earth and Environment, Health, Aeronautics, Space and Transport, Key Technologies plus Matter. Scientists develop research programmes for each of these fields. International experts review these programmes. Their evaluation forms the basis for the programme-oriented funding given to Helmholtz research. Within the six research fields, Helmholtz scientists cooperate with each other and with external partners - working across disciplinary, organisational and national borders. Indeed, the name Helmholtz stands for concerted research in which networks form the key principle behind inquiring thought and action. Concerted research is efficient and flexible. Helmholtz uses this research to create an effective basis for shaping the future.



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