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Helmholtz International

As Germany's largest scientific research community the Helmholtz Association plays an active part in answering the grand challenges faced by society, science and industry. To do this, the Association combines knowledge and resources from various disciplines and centres and creates strategic international alliances. Cooperation and networking with national and international partners from science and research, and especially from the universities and industry, are its key to producing outstanding research findings - more efficiently and quickly.

Research in Europe

We want to be an active and driving force in establishing the European Research Area. This is why one of the Association's strategic goals involves advancing cooperation at European level and establishing Helmholtz Centres as lead partners in European research projects. To achieve this goal and represent the interests of German science and research within the European Union properly, Helmholtz opened a branch office in Brussels in November 2002.

However, the Association not only looks westwards. It also and continuously endeavours to expand its relations with research institutions in Central and Eastern Europe. Collaborative research projects with Polish, Hungarian and Czech partners and the new Helmholtz representation in Moscow opened in February 2005, exemplify the Association's commitment in and to these regions.

Research worldwide

As a strong member of the global scientific community, the Helmholtz Association wants to make a substantial contribution to shaping the future of modern societies. This is why the Association works in worldwide networks - traditionally with research partners in America, but also in Asia and the Pacific Rim. Since June 2004 the Helmholtz Office Beijing continuously aims to intensify and extend its existing relations. An excellent research infrastructure - in some cases with unique major scientific facilities and instrumentation - not least represents the strength which has made the Helmholtz Association a much sought-after research partner. Each year, several thousand visiting scientists from all around the world use the research opportunities which the Helmholtz Centres offer. In 2005 alone, about 4000 came to Germany. This is an important indicator of how, particularly in the field of large-scale experimental projects, the Association acts as a core focal point for worldwide research project - whether in the observation and study of the global climate or in the field of basic research in physics.

Brussels Office

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Moscow Office

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Beijing Office

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Contact Head Office

Effrosyni Chelioti

Director International Affairs

Helmholtz Association

Phone: +49 30 206329-58
effrosyni.chelioti (at) helmholtz.de

Ute Gerlach

Coordination International Affairs and Mentoring Programmes

Helmholtz Association

Phone: +49 30 206329-74
ute.gerlach (at) helmholtz.de

Contact Offices

Brussels Office

Helmholtz Association

Postal address:
Rue du Trône 98
1050 Brussels

Phone: +32 2 5000 970
Fax: +32 2 5000 980
bruessel (at) helmholtz.de

Moscow Office

Helmholtz Association

German-Russian House Moscow
Malaya Pirogovskaya 5
119435 Moscow
Russian Federation

Phone: +7 495 981 1763
Fax: +7 495 981 1765
moscow (at) helmholtz.de

Postal Address from/via Germany:

Helmholtz Association

Moscow Office
c/o Spring
Postfach 920109
51151 Köln

Beijing Office

Helmholtz Association

Dongsanhuanbeilu 8
Chaoyang District
100004 Beijing
PR China

Phone: +86 10-659078-65
Fax: +86 10-659078-67
tong.liu (at) helmholtz.cn