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Berlin, Beijing, Bonn, Brussels, Moscow - represented at key centres

Staff at the Helmholtz Association's Head Office support the President in the performance of his duties for the members of the Helmholtz Association. Be it as representatives of the research fields, or in managing the decision-making bodies or in the field of reporting and auditing: The whole team contributes to ensuring that the research framework at Helmholtz is right. The staff also play their part in ensuring that the Helmholtz Association's far-reaching strategic re-orientation is a success and that Germany's largest research organisation can use its enormous scientific potential even more efficiently through concerted research.

Bonn Office

The Bonn office is the legal domicile of the Helmholtz Association. The is responsible for the following sections:
Boards and Committees,
Initiative and Networking Fund and

Brussels Office

The association's Brussels Office supports the Helmholtz members in their endeavours to introduce their great potential even more strongly into European research projects. In particular, the staff provide comprehensive advice on how to participate effectively in the European Union's 6th Research Framework Programme. The Brussels Office is additionally responsible for representing the Helmholtz Association at the European Parliament and the European Commission. This ensures that the association can play an active part in creating a European Research Area which will maintain and strengthen the scientific, technological and economic competitiveness of Europe.

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Moscow Office

To help initiate and establish new strategic networks of scientific excellence between Russia and Germany, the Helmholtz Association has a Moscow Office. The Helmholtz Association chose Russia to be one of its key strategic partners to jointly face the challenges of the future through scientific cooperation. Partners in Germany looking for specific information about Russia and Russian seeking contacts in Germany now have an excellent starting point to find the right people for their special interests.

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Beijing Office

The Beijing Office represents the Helmholtz Association in China. Its mission is to further promote cooperation between the scientists from the 17 Helmholtz Centres and their partners in the Chinese scientific community. The emphasis of this cooperation lies on strategic and long-term projects. It provides specific information about China's policy, its workforce, academic opportunities and research projects for partners in Germany.

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Berlin Office

Helmholtz Association

Berlin Office
Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Straße 2
10178 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 206329-0
Fax: +49 30 206329-65
org (at) helmholtz.de

Bonn Office

Helmholtz Association

Ahrstraße 45
53175 Bonn

Phone: +49 228 30818-0
Fax: +49 228 30818-30
org (at) helmholtz.de